Property Management Proposal


Property management fee:

  • Only 8% of rental income for long term rentals, 20% for vacation rentals.
  • No account establishment fees.
  • No over-ride on maintenance or repair work.
  • No leasing fees.
  • No management fee until rent is received.

What the management fee covers:

  • ALWAYS THERE. We are available 7 days a week to insure prompt response to maintenance and repair requests, and to show your property to prospective tenants at their convenience.

  • TECHNOLOGY AT YOUR SERVICE. Our website is available 24hours a day to Landlords and Tenants offering useful information, downloadable and printable forms, and a convenient and cost effective electronic communication systems like the “Request for Repair Form” to enable our clients to reach us anytime. No phone calls necessary and everything will be in writing. If a computer is not available, we have implemented a system in which maintenance phone calls will be recorded and saved as e-mail attachments for our records and yours. Applicants can download the “Rental Application Form” from our website and pay for the application processing online with a secure connection. We also have a “Tenant Interest Form” online that is producing an extensive waiting list of potential tenants, ready to apply as soon as a new suitable property becomes available.

    1. Detailed notification of availability of your property to our efficient relocation network, and to local area military bases.
    2. Your property will appear on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) where over 7000 Real estate agents have access. We also offer a referral fee to property managers and real estate agents.
    3. Your property will be on our interactive website listed under “Available Rentals” and on other targeted websites specializing in rental properties worldwide exposure.
    4. We continuously check our tenant waiting list for prospective tenants.
    5. We participate in an exchange network with other cooperative property management groups, for available homes and tenant waiting list, to maximize results and find the perfect match.

  • TENANT SCREENING. We run a credit report on prospect tenants as soon as we receive the application. In addition to the credit report, we verify given information by interviewing present and previous landlords as well as their employers. After collecting and verifying all the information we submit the results to the homeowner for final decision to either accept or reject the application.
  • RENT COLLECTION: Rents are typically due on the first day of each month, with four days grace period. We collect the rent for you and mail you the rent within three business days after the fourth day of grace period. In case an eviction is necessary we will represent the owner in court.
  • WE INSPECT YOUR PROPERTY: Before new tenants occupancy we inspect the property to verify move-in condition. A “Move-In” report is generated and in some cases a video camera will be used to record the visual inspection. The same process will apply at the move-out phase. During the rental period we perform periodic drive-by inspections to check for apparent abnormalities. A written notification will be sent to the tenant if a violation of house-rules or regulations is noted. If necessary an inside inspection will be performed. The neighbors will also be informed that San Diego’s Best Property Management & Relocation, Inc. is managing your property and we will supply them with our contact information, in the event that something they believe needs our attention occurs.
  • MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR COORDINATION: When maintenance or repair service is required, we will contact the appropriate professional for the job. We offer flexibility in using your choice of professionals, or to use our licensed and bonded team.
  • ACCOUNTING AND FINANCIAL STATEMENTS: After signing the property management agreement, all the money received from the homeowner and from the tenant will be placed in a trust account. A start-up deposit is required from homeowners and all the legitimate expenses will be paid from this account. A monthly revenue and expense statement will be issued. We will attach copies of all maintenance and/or repair invoices. At the end of the year we will facilitate the preparation of your income taxes by issuing a special year-end account analysis report.
  • CONTRACT FORMS AND DISCLOSURES: We will provide the entire updated contract and disclosure forms necessary for the protection of your interests.
  • POST TENANCY CLEANING SERVICE. San Diego’s Best Property Management & Relocation, Inc. will coordinate this service, if necessary.

What the property management fee does not cover:

  • HOME OWNER ASSOCIATION FEES: The HOA fees are not included in the management fee but upon homeowner’s request and authorization, we can include it in the monthly rental expenses and issue a payment on the owner’s behalf.
  • COST OF MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR: Although San Diego’s Best Property Management & Relocation, Inc. coordinates all the repair and maintenance services, we are not responsible for the respective payments..
  • DELINQUENT RENT COLLECTION SERVICE: In the situation where the rent collection is overdue and the tenant doesn’t show signs of cooperation, a credit collection company will be hired to continue the process and to report, delinquency and eventually eviction to the main Credit Bureaus. Cost and fees are not included in management fee.